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Teenager Fights Back

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Teenager Fights Back

A 17-year old teenager is lucky that her instincts paid off on October 23, 2015, when at 6:25 a.m. she was on her way to school. That morning was when a car pulled up beside her and a man jumped out towards her. The man grabbed the girl and tried to pull her into the vehicle. How could this be? Undoubtedly that’s the first thought that comes into a victim’s mind. This teen, however, realized the situation and acted quickly. She fought back and managed to escape. Immediately she turned herself into a runner!

That’s the kind of story we like to find. People defending themselves against attackers and in this case a would-be kidnapper. We also find that the story makes mention of a man who witnessed the whole thing; we can’t fault him. Most people don’t have the type of training required when faced in a real life-threating situation. These type of stories turn up more and more. Stop asking “Why should I learn to fight?

Don’t let this happen to you. Learn to fight back!

And she fought back, which probably saved her life,” said Stockton PD.


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