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Karate for Self Defense

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With the success of Cobrai Kai on Youtube and Netflix, the question was raised whether Karate is good for Self Defense. The answer is both intriguing and simple.


Perhaps you were not aware that Karate is one of the martial arts styles deeply rooted in Krav Maga, the art of real life self-defense. As you know, in real life, it is very easy to be a victim of an attack.

When comparing Krav Maga with other martial arts such as Karate, Jiu-Jitsu or Kickboxing (given the training time) – Krav Maga wins hands down – not because Krav Maga is better. Only because you are learning skill from all types of Martial Arts. Let’s look at Karate for Real Life Self Defense.

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When I think of Karate, I think of a fully trained Karateka – a.k.a. a Karate practitioner, skilled with rigid footwork, the ability to hold low and well-grounded stances, and agility to produce super-fast movements. A Karateka also has perfectly-timed reflexes, and the ability to avoiding strikes and of course, landing the counter ones.



Does that answer the question?

If you are interested in learning self defense and have a passion for Karate. You are doing the right thing! Of course you can use Karate For Self Defense!


You see, once you are trained in Karate, you can use the power, weight, and momentum of your opponent against them. This is done with a simple snick of the arm or tap with a leg which in turn will cause damage to your opponent as he is lunging forward after a missed strike. Complete the move by putting your weight on your opponent while clinching and grappling, which will empty his gas tank in no time!

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In conclusion, we welcome you to begin your training in Karate. You will be able to take a beginner’s course from the comfort of your home. After that, you are ready to make the move onto the next martial arts style of your liking, whether that be Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, or Taekwondo. Just enjoy the jouney and have fun while learning the basics of each martial art will help you reach the highest skill levels in Krav Maga – The art of Real Life Self Defense.

With Krav Maga Classes, you learn self-defense while getting an exhilarating workout; even when you have to to defend yourself against a bigger and stronger attacker.

Karate instructors will teach how to apply Karate for self-defense. Group classes and private lessons are available for families and small private groups but space is limited so call or email us now.

You can start this self defense journey by signing up at our Learn Martial Arts Free page.


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