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The Eliza Fletcher Effect

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The Eliza Fletcher Effect

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Self defense gyms and Martial Arts Schools around the country are reporting an increase in sign-ups. And as we speak with top senseis, professors, and fitness trainers, most are attributing the recent rise to the recent kidnapping and murder of jogger Eliza Fletcher. While others are leveraging the event to offer free self defense classes to help their community gain confidence to “walk run in peace“! These events undoubtedly can the student base as folks get enthusiastic behind some hands-on combat training.

Eliza Fletcher (Memphis Police Department

Eliza Fletcher, 34

When 34 year old Eliza Fletcher, an avid early morning runner — who had previously qualified for the Boston Marathon, — went out on her daily 8 mile run on September 2, 2022 she had no idea what lurked that morning at 4:00a.m. As a result, she went on her run and sees a GMC SUV pass her up as she’s running, the SUV then waits for her to pass by then a guy steps out and forces her into the SUV.

Surprisingly, this happened near the University of Memphis on the corner of Central Avenue and Zach H. Curlin Street. The area not heavily guarded with cameras still had a couple of views from nearby cameras that captured a fuzzy image of the SUV along with images of Eliza Fletcher as she was going through her run.



The SUV was quickly identified to be that of Cleotha Henderson, 38, who was arrested the very next day on September 3rd. Police search teams were deployed but nothing turned up until 3 days later when her body was found. Cleotha Henderson is now facing multiple charges in her death.

Suspect Cleotha Abston and Eliza Fletcher (TBI/Shelby County Jail/Memphis PD)

Eliza Fletcher was 34 years old, a kindergarten teacher, and a mother. Autopsy last Thursday revealed that she died from a gunshot wound to the head.

women's self defense
Women’s Self Defense Classes

Women’s Self Defense

The Eliza Fletcher Effect

A number of Krav Maga gyms in the area are stating that the number of participants of self defense classes have doubled since news broke out of Eliza Fletcher’s kidnapping and murder.

No matter where you are at in life, or where you live, you are doing the right thing by expressing interest in learning real life self-defense. Expressing interest in learning Krav Maga.


There will many gyms to choose and we are confident we can help you find the right one. One that won’t break your bank and still teach you life saving skills that you can take anywhere! If you are on the other side and already have a gym that you love, please email us all about it! We’ll get it featured at Krav Maga Classes!

self defense gyms
Self Defense Gyms offering Free Women’s Self Defense Classes


There are several Martial Arts Schools offering women’s self-defense classes and only a few offer those free as introductory courses. Krav Maga gyms are the likely answer for all of your questions.

We never think it can happen to us or those around us. Most of you live in a safe area and some might even consider it an affluent neighborhood. With recent news on Eliza Fletcher, this is the right time to arm yourself with self defense lessons.

Several martial arts schools are offering free self defense classes like the POW!Gym Chicago. Events like these spark interest in the community. If you know of free self defense classes in your area, please send us a note.

And look new further than our list of locations offering Krav Maga classes.


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