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Looking for Krav Maga in Carlsbad? Anyone serious about their own self-defense, and that of others, will be interested in learning about Global Martial Arts University and the Krav Maga craze. Krav Maga is a fairly new, very effective form of self defense that has been around since the 1930s. At that time, the founder, Imi Lichtenfeld, was forced to defend not only himself against fascists. He defended his community as well. His skill at sport and street fighting, plus the training he received from his father, all combined well in a very powerful package, the end result of was the birth of Krav Maga. Led by highly trained instructors and accomplished professionals in MMA, our self defense classes, will teach you the skill of Krav Maga, a worthwhile addition to anyone’s self-defense résumé.


The opportunity to learn from a master in the art is golden. Instructors have some very impressive credentials to go with their skill. Some have enjoyed the honor of training with Gabi Noah, who is a direct student of the founder of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld himself. They’ve trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and has also had the honor of training with the elite of Karate Sensei’s who were themselves direct students of the founder of Karate, Mr. Nishiyama of the Shotokan method, and Mr. Miki of the Shito Ryu method. Qualifications don’t come much better than that when you need to learn from the best martial arts instructors in Carlsbad you can find.


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The art of self-defense has given many the opportunity to showcase several of his own Krav Maga skills throughout the Carlsbad area in many different settings. Group classes, private or small-group sessions, and classes where women and children are the focus are all available. Hopefully, you will never have to use a learned skill like martial arts to actually defend yourself against attack, but if that day should ever come, it is far better to have learned from a master than not.

During the 1930’s Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga, was forced to protect both himself and his community against fascists. His experience in organized sport fighting (he was a member of the Slovakian National Wrestling team) plus his street fighting experience and training with his father all came together to help Imi develop a useful repertoire of self-defense techniques. This martial arts style continued to develop and eventually came to be known as Krav Maga…and Krav Maga Carlsbad is the combination of a beautiful city and a combat sport.

Krav Maga was brought to the US in 1981 and it quickly spiked an interest with the general public, but also with the FBI. It is currently the official system of self-defense used by the Israeli Defense Forces and is also taught to the Israeli police.

The unique characteristic of Krav Maga is that it is not a sports style of martial arts, but rather focuses on real life self-defense and hand to hand combat situations. In addition to this, Krav Maga also emphasizes stopping threats quickly and getting away safely. Defense against weapons is also an important part of the curriculum. To put it concisely, instructors and students are taught to defeat threats and avoid harm through a variety of means or by any means necessary. They are also taught to never give up.

Krav Maga Carlsbad

Krav Maga is not known for uniforms or belts (IKM San Diego does not add any extra costs associated with things of this nature). In training, attempts to simulate real world situations outside of the training center are often utilized. For more information on Krav Maga Carlsbad, join Global Martial Arts’ FREE!

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