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San Diego Jiu-Jitsu Injury Leaked Video

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San Diego Jiu-Jitsu Injury Leaked Video

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San Diego, CA — After a devasting injury in 2018, a San Diego Jiu-Jitsu student who is now paralyzed has been awarded $46 million.

The catastrophic spinal injury occurred during a beginner jiu-jitsu class close to five years ago, while enrolled at Del Mar Jiu-Jistu Club in San Diego. During the class, the San Diego jiu-jitsu instructor pinned the student’s neck with his entire bodyweight resulting in the devastating injury. The student, Jack Greener, who was 23 at the time of the injury, underwent multiple surgeries and was hospitalized for many months.

After a 4-week trial, a San Diego jury awarded the 28-year old quadriplegic, $46 million as compensation for medical expenses, loss of earnings, and emotional distress.

WARNING: The video you are about to see is footage from the accident that caused Jack Greener’s paralysis. (FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY)

Video: Mature Audiences Only

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