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Krav Maga Chicago Self Defense Classes

Chicago, IL, – We are glad Chicagoans are looking to learn Krav Maga ASAP! If you are looking for a local gym that can teach you this thing called Krav Maga (real life self defense), you are at the right place.


Mayor Lightfoot, Chicago, Illinois


Bears’ defense? No, we are not talking this year’s Bear’s defense. We are talking the kind of personal defensive skills that can save your life. Mayor Lightfoot knows that “Chicago is not safe“. Crime is increasing across the city and violence is getting worse. Chicago streets are a dangerous place to walk for kids to adults. Chicagoans have to start to take their safety seriously and look for ways to defend themselves.


The Chicago Police Department (CPD) may not be around when the need to confront your attacker arises. That is why Chicagoans like you are taking matters into their own hands and learning the art of real-life self defense. Chicago fitness gyms, martial arts schools, and all Krav Maga training centers in Chicago are reporting an increase in sign ups. Even personal trainers and fitness instructors are acquiring defensive skills needed to “walk in peace” in Chicago. It is clear that Krav Maga classes brings Chicago street fighting to another level — a much safer level.


What about those looking for online courses? How about FREE online Krav Maga lessons!

That’s right, read more below and you’ll learn that our FREE Total Krav Maga Lessons will take you through the ranks as you earn your way from white to black belt and become a Krav Maga kick ass fighter!



A number of neighbors have heard about this type of self defense tactic; we have shared video demonstrations on the Internet or on television. Even went ahead to explain that most self defense training and martial arts can be learned online!

That’s right, not only does our Total Krav Maga Chicago program teach you the type of self defense that started in the Israel army but we can equip you with any martial arts style you desire! Completely FREE.

Don’t worry, Global Martial Art University (GMAU) instructors for each training sessions are very skilled and went through a very intensive physical fitness regimen to become an instructor in this self defense method; in addition to becoming expert mixed martial artists in Karate, Kickboxing, and Taekwondo. You will soon find out that this is where Krav Maga starts. Numerous individuals started with fitness training, developed an interest in UFC and Kickboxing and went onto learn the art of Krav Maga.


Global Martial Arts Instructors

Global Martial Arts instructors have taught thousands of classes in their own dojo’s. They have mastered Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Ultimate Bo; holding Certifications as Martial Arts Teachers (CMATs), training with some of the top leaders in martial arts. All Martial Arts teachers and Krav Maga instructors we speak with like to share their knowledge and skill with people who join the Krav Maga classes taught in the Chicago area. Anyone interested in learning self defense is encouraged to join the classes while room is still available.


Chicago Trusts Global Martial Arts

They have been training people like you and me since 2008. Teaching Martial Arts online to thousands of students from around the world.


Krav Maga Chicago

Chi-town might still feel a bit hesitant. They think that this form of martial arts is too difficult for the average person to learn. The opposite is true. Krav Maga for Chicagoans classes are easy for the beginner or experienced. The students who take the classes develop a new type of self awareness about their abilities. They also learn the best method to handle a number of dangerous situations that include weapon attacks. The course encourages using methods that are quick, efficient, and aggressive. The most important fact is that the course will teach the student how to react quickly. Thus, limiting the chances of them becoming a victim.


Those who take the Krav Maga Chicago classes will develop a brand new confidence that goes along with their self defense training. This is one of the best self defense training courses around today. They use real world methods to teach students to handle real life situations.

And if you live in Cook County or its surrounding area, and cannot attend on-site classes, we welcome to try virtual online training.



Learn Krav Maga and More!

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