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Krav Maga is Real Life Self Defense

Interested in learning not only how to defend yourself but gain real life skills on “hand to hand combat”?

Look no further than Krav Maga classes. Krav Maga instructors and staff will run through different Krav maga techniques that should be used when a person comes across different situations. Along with the different self-defense techniques you will learn the basis of Krav Maga, including its origin. If you feel it is time for you to learn a martial art or if you feel you want to just learn basic self defense techniques find a martial arts gym that offers Krav Maga training and begin your journey into the real-life self defense.

krav-maga-for-self-defenseWith the up rise in weapons threats this is the perfect real life self defense class. You never know if you will have that extra second to grab the pepper spray or if you will be able to outrun the person threatening your life or the life of those around you. Do not spend another moment waiting or expecting someone else to protect you, take action now!  Krav Maga for self defense has become so popular that various government protective services have begun training in order to use these skills in a real life situation.

Part of the training is instilling a sense of not giving up. An important character trait to have once engaged in self defense mode. This training will equip you with the skills necessary to be able to protect not only yourselves, but anyone who may be around you. Your family members will feel a sense or security.

International Krav Maga was founded in 2009. Gabi Noah, originally from Syria, became specialized and received a black belt in order to start an organization and teach Krav Maga. This fighting technique is used with the Israeli Armed forces.

krav-maga-for-self-defenseAre you worried you won’t have time to take a class? Are you a woman that prefers an all woman class? No problem, Krav Maga professionals carefully set up their schedule to include morning, afternoon and late evening classes. Krav Maga classes are typically set up in different levels and types of classes with an all-women class as well. There are now also weekend classes for those who can not train during the week or those who want to exert themselves into skilled Krav Maga practitioners.  It is never to late and get started when it comes to protecting oneself.

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