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Lake Merritt, Oakland Hills view from the top of the Tribune Tower on Michigan Ave. Credit: karakullake

As you know, crime is increasing across the country. Attackers are becoming more brazen taking things to the next level. And there are times where even the streets in Oakland are a dangerous place to walk for kids to adults.

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We feel that is why more and more people are starting to take their safety seriously and looking for a way to defend themselves. They are learning the art of self defense. One form of self defense that is very effective is Krav Maga Oakland training. This is street self defense that is very practical for today’s modern world.


A number of people have heard about this type of self defense tactic. Some have probably seen the demonstrations on the Internet or on television. Krav Maga Oakland teaches a type of self defense that started in the Israel army. Instructors for the course are very skilled and went through very intensive training to become an instructor in this self defense method. Numerous individuals have taken a great interest in this training. Schools for this self defense tactic are springing up everywhere, but few have skilled instructors like those found in the Oakland area. A combination of onsite and online courses may be just what you need to master the skill in no time!

International Krav Maga Oakland will teach you the self defense skills made popular by the Israeli army. Instructors trained with some of the top leaders in the self defense tactic and they would very much like to share their knowledge and skill with people who take Krav Maga lessons and live in the Oakland area.

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Anyone interested in learning self defense is encouraged to join the classes while room is still available.

A few people might feel a bit hesitant. They think that this form of martial arts is too difficult for the average person to learn. The opposite is true. Krav Maga Oakland classes are easy for the beginner or experienced. The students who take the classes develop a new type of self awareness about their abilities. They also learn the best method to handle a number of dangerous situations that include weapon attacks. The course encourages using methods that are quick, efficient, and aggressive. The most important fact is that the course will teach the student how to react quickly. Thus, limiting the chances of them becoming a victim.

Those who take the Oakland Krav Maga classes will develop a brand new confidence that goes along with their self defense training. This is one of the best self defense training courses around today. They use real world methods to teach students to handle real life situations.


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