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Krav Maga Self-Defense Classes in San Diego

Krav maga for all ages! Get fit! Have fun! Schedule your training lessons with IKM Carlsbad today!

During the 1930’s Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga, was forced to protect both himself and his community against fascists. His experience in organized sport fighting (he was a member of the Slovakian National Wrestling team) plus his street fighting experience and training with his father all came together to help Imi develop a useful repertoire of self-defense techniques. This martial arts style continued to develop and eventually came to be known as Krav Maga. For more information on Krav Maga San Diego or Self Defense Classes, contact IKM San Diego at (858) 349-8795.

Krav Maga was brought to the US in 1981 and it quickly spiked an interest with the general public, but also with the FBI. It is currently the official system of self-defense used by the Israeli Defense Forces and is also taught to the Israeli police.

The unique characteristic of Krav Maga is that it is not a sports style of martial arts, but rather focuses on real life self-defense and hand to hand combat situations. In addition to this, Krav Maga also emphasizes stopping threats quickly and getting away safely. Defense against weapons is also an important part of the curriculum. To put it concisely, instructors and students are taught to defeat threats and avoid harm through a variety of means or by any means necessary. They are also taught to never give up.

Krav Maga is not known for uniforms or belts (Your Krav Maga Self-Defense Classes will not add any extra costs). In training, attempts to simulate real world situations outside of the training center are often utilized.

Self-Defense 2019

Krav Maga: Make an Impact!

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Everyone Loves Krav Maga Carlsbad and Cali Karate


Proper Self Defense

"This class is fantastic!"

"This class is fantastic! I started taking classes because I was looking for a fun, new workout. I was tired of running, tired of yoga, tired of boot camp classes. I needed a new class to keep me interested and in shape. Krav Maga Carlsbad was an amazing workout! Muscles I didn't even know I had are sore, and I'm definitely more toned.More importantly, I feel safer walking my dog or walking to my car at night, because I know proper self defense. Whether you're looking to learn defense moves or looking to lose weight, this class is exactly what you need!"    - Stacy Covitz, Vista, California

Feel more confident with Krav Maga


Outstanding experience!!!


"Outstanding experience at Krav Maga Carlsbad IKM!!! The instructor Benjamin Halcewicz is a master at his craft and an extremely good teacher. In the short time I have been training with him I feel I have I learned good technique and feel more confident with Krav Maga."     - Michael MacDonald

Great Learning Environment

"Kick Some Butt"

"Very friendly and attentive. The small classes make it a great learning environment and you don't have to feel out of place or embarrassed because everyone is so friendly and welcoming, but don't let that fool you these instructors are not to be messed with cause they can kick some butt! Special shoutout to instructor Benjamin!"     - Timothy K.

Best Krav Maga Instructor

"I highly recommend Krav Maga Carlsbad"

"I have recently begun classes with Mr. Benjamin Halcewicz at Krav Maga Carlsbad IKM. I was looking for a program that would address my needs in martial arts training. I am 50+ and have been out of a regular workout routine for over 15 years. Although I do have a few physical challenges, I am able to integrate into the class and get a great workout while learning the devastatingly effective style of Krav Maga. Mr. Halcewicz is clearly one of the best instructors I have worked with in over 20 years of cumulative martial arts training. He's very knowledgeable and focuses on correct technique and effectiveness, as well as numerous drills to practice in realistic scenarios. He also has a great deal of patience and highly emphasizes safety. I highly recommend Krav Maga Carlsbad IKM as a training venue for fun, affordable, (yet very effective) martial arts training."     - Bradley Belmore, Oceanside, CA

Professional, Dedicated Training for Anybody Interested in Self-Defense

"Krav Maga Carlsbad is GREAT!"

"I 've been training with Krav Maga Carlsbad for almost a year and I think Sensei Benjamin is one of the best instructors you could hope for... knowledgeable, experienced, professional and dedicated. This is great training for anybody interested in self-defense! Everything about this training is top-notch!"     - Corey, Carlsbad, CA

Incredible Training

"Practical Defense"

"Incredible! Training Krav Maga under Benjamin (the instructor) is a real privilege. This class is excellent for students of any experience level - Benjamin spends hands-on time with you, and he is a clear and skilled teacher. Techniques covered include practical defense against a variety of attacks, weapons training, ground fighting, striking, and more.

I have trained at Krav Maga Carlsbad for nearly one year, and it has been a life-altering experience. I feel more fit, confident, and prepared for any situation.

I would recommend IKM Krav Maga Carlsbad to anybody that is hard working, has a desire to learn, and brings a positive and open attitude. 5/5 Stars."
    - Grant H. Carlsbad, CA

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Krav Maga in the San Diego Area

"The perfect Krav Maga instructor"

"If you are looking to do Krav Maga in the San Diego area, Benjamin is the only person to learn from. I checked around all of the Krav Maga schools in the area and I briefly tried Krav Maga with one the most popular instructors in San Diego. I was horrified to see that him and his instructors couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag, regardless of their claims to the contrary. As a Judo and Karate black belt with experience in wrestling, BJJ and boxing I know an impostor when I see one. You can't learn how to defend yourself from somebody that doesn't know how to fight! However, this is not the case with Benjamin. His practical fighting skills from his background in Karate, boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu make him the perfect Krav Maga instructor. His classes are well organized, expertly delivered and the skills he teaches actually work. Don't go anywhere else!"     - Frank McCarroll

Very Good and Friendly Instructor

"Benjamin really got me hooked!"

"Krav Maga is not a martial art but rather an effective self defense system. I joined Krav Maga San Diego IKM and found a very good and friendly instructor. The class starts with some warming up, stretches and core exercises. Then we will learn a new technique and apply what we have learned in previous lessons. If you are a woman or a girl, don't be afraid that you will face big guys. Benjamin will find you the right partner to train with. Classes can vary greatly in intensity but when it gets tough Benjamin will encourage you and push you to finish. With consistency, it takes just a couple of weeks to get in shape and the difference will show from one class to the next. With the variety from one class to another, Benjamin really got me hooked. I really look forward to my classes."     - Nicolas de Fontenay, Oceanside, California

Krav Maga Techniques from an Expert

"I would recommend this school to anyone!"

"Benjamin is a masterful instructor and practitioner who makes sure each one of us is learning well and safely, regardless of our level. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the mix of students--all ages and backgrounds are represented. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in getting in shape and learning practical techniques from an expert who is kind and patient, yet pushes you when he thinks you're ready for it."    - Laurent Carrer, Encinitas, California

Impressive Program

"It's a non-intimidating place to learn self-defense"

I am really impressed with this get personal attention, and everyone is very friendly and its a non-intimidating place to learn self defense. Everyone should give this a try, you will learn some skills that may prove very important some day.     - Johee, Solana Beach, CA

The Right Technique

"Knowledgeable and Welcoming"

"Benjamin is very knowledgeable and welcoming. I leave every class with the feeling that I learned something and I'm a little better at defending myself. I also like if you have a question about something, he's more than happy to slow everything down and make sure you have the right technique."     - Travis Marr

Learn How to Defend

"I love this place!"

"I've been going here for about a month and I love this place. I started attending Krav Maga Carlsbad IKM for personal enrichment, and also because I had been attacked in the past. I wanted to learn how to defend myself, and to never be a victim again. Never before have I been more passionate and dedicated to an exercise regime, and there are so many reasons to want to come back here. Though every teacher has a different style of practice, they are all equally encouraging, and they change up exercises to keep you excited and to keep your body challenged. If you're looking for a practical and challenging, well-run program conducted by instructors who will work hard to see that you meet the standards, I highly recommend IKM. Thanks again to Benjamin, the other Instructors, and all the students. I look forward to continuing the training!"     - Yannick Ga

Great Instructor

"I highly recommend"

"Great Instructor. Very knowledgeable and good at what he does. I highly recommend, as an experienced martial artist of 25 years."     - Robert, Oceanside, CA

Pure True Krav Maga Self Defense Training

"Krav Maga Carlsbad. The place to be!"

"Wooohoooo! Benjamin is definitely as good as it gets!! I have trained in multiple cities with many different instructors and none have been as knowledgeable and patient as Benjamin. I recently moved back to San Diego and am so excited to train with Benjamin again. His love of Krav Maga, training and teaching is very apparent in his classes.

As I said, I have trained with many different instructors in many different cities and none come close to the training and knowledge that I gained with Benjamin!! If you want true, pure, Krav Maga and self defense training, Krav Maga Carlsbad with Benjamin is the place to be.
"     - Afshin, San Diego, CA

Krav Maga and Self Defense Classes at IKM San Diego

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