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We are The Krav Maga Classes Company


A place allowing every day folks like you and I to connect with fellow combatants to train in the comfort of your own home or connect you with that perfect Martial Arts Studio Near You.

Krav Maga Classes is the site where you can find self defense courses and events in large and small communities nationwide!

As we’ve seen the last 3 years, from 2020 to 2022, many students are now working out at home. Some going as far as building home gyms in their garage. All because when they googled for martial arts defense schools, results yielded unwanted listings and martial arts gyms were shutting down due to lack of attendance through the pandemic.

We love the resilience! The stamina, the work ethic, the desire, and most of all the drive! Krav Maga students challenged themselves and found the best krav maga lessons money can buy!

Krav Maga Classes is built with International Krav Maga (IKM), in mind. IKM was founded by Gabi Noah in 2009. Growing rapidly and gaining popularity in its global presence, IKM is active in more than 20 countries. Whether you are a beginner just wanting to learn the basics of self-defense or advanced wanting to refine and perfect your self-defense techniques, IKM offers programs and instruction custom fit for your needs. Specialized courses for Women’s self-defense techniques are also offered so that female students can gain the skills and knowledge they desire and need in a safe and inviting environment. The education provided in any type of class at IKM can instill martial arts techniques which can be potentially lifesaving.


Self Defense Lessons are Nearby

Let us fill your desire to find krav maga lessons nearby, we’ll help you find a martial arts studio closeby, or join us for your Global Martial Arts free lessons today!

“Walk in peace”

At The Krav Maga Classes Company, we pride ourselves in focusing on ingraining the core skills and fundamentals of Krav Maga equipping each student to be both mentally and physically strong and be able to, as Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga, famously said, “..and be able to walk in peace”.

Rather than focusing on extra costs related to uniforms, tournament fees, etc, IKM San Diego focuses on ingraining the core fundamentals of Krav Maga in each student so each one can become mentally and physically stronger and again, can say this enough, you must be able to “walk in peace“.


About Gabi Noah

Born in Syria in 1964, Gabi Noah immigrated to Israel in 1979 and started practicing Krav Maga under coach Rafi Algrisi. Shortly thereafter started training under Imi Lichtenfeld himself.


Gabi was officially certified by the Krav Maga Union in 1982, after successfully completing the Trainer Assistant Course. In 1984, after successfully passing the Krav Maga trainers course, Gabi was certificated by the Wingate Institute, Israel.

Gabi Noah also obtained his Black Belt (Dan I) which was approved and signed by Imi Lichtenfeld and Eli Avigezer and in 1985, was part of the Israeli Army (IDF) and graduated from these courses:

  1. Sergeant and trainer of Combat Fitness
  2. Trainer and operator of gymnasium
  3. Krav Maga Coach

While serving in the military, Gabi was a senior coach at the school for combat fitness training in courses for Krav Maga trainers. Gabi trained several elite units in the army, amongst them were commando, infantry and special units of the Border Guard. In a joint effort with Eyal Yanilov, Avi Moyal and Eli Ben-Ami (and with the blessing of Imi Lichtenfeld), Gabi established the International Federation of Krav Maga in 1995. He currently holds a Master rank from the International Federation of Krav Maga.


Learn Krav Maga today!

The Krav Maga Classes Company was built in Carlsbad, CA. (c) 2015-2022

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