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Krav Maga Private Lessons with IKM San Diego

Krav Maga (Hebrew for “contact battle”) is the national martial art of Israel, developed in Eastern Europe in the 1930’s and imported into Israel fifteen years later by its creator, Imi Lichtenfeld. Combining elements of wrestling and boxing as well as eastern martial arts, Krav Maga is marked by speed and precision of attack. Since it developed out of street fighting, Krav Maga takes a very pragmatic approach to each combat situation, including elements of psychology and threat management in its instruction. At IKM San Diego, we teach Krav Maga to San Diego residents that are looking for an open class as well as a private lesson environment. If you are interested in Krav Maga private lessons, contact IKM San Diego at (858) 349-8795.

Krav Maga Class Locations:

San Diego Gym Location: 3545 midway dr. San Diego, Ca 92110

Carlsbad Gym Location: 6108 Avenida Encinas, Carlsbad, Ca 92011

krav-maga-private-lessonsSan Diego residents interested in Krav Maga instruction will find what they need at IKM San Diego. The IKM San Diego school is headed by Benjamin Halcewicz, an instructor skilled in both eastern martial arts and especially in Krav Maga. Mr. Halcewicz studied Krav Maga with Gabi Noah, who was himself a student of Krav Maga’s creator, Imi Lichtenfeld; hence, his instruction is in a direct and pure line of transmission from the founder. He also has earned a university degree in Sports Education, and has nearly thirty years of experience in martial arts and martial arts instruction.

Krav Maga Classes and Private Lessons

Krav Maga classes and private lessons for adults at IKM San Diego focuses on ingraining the fundamental principles of Krav Maga. Private lessons and classes are given at two locations – Carlsbad and Point Loma – and are available for both beginning and advanced students. Classes are scheduled conveniently for morning hours, noon, and evening. Students will find that the emphasis at the IKM San Diego school is upon real-life situations. Students are instructed in dealing with street attacks involving weapons, in psyching out the opponent, and in developing a self-defense mindset. Krav Maga is the perfect art for dealing with street violence of every kind. Private lessons can be scheduled at IKM San Diego as well, contact instructor Benjamin Halcewicz at (858) 349-8795 for more information.

learn-krav-magaWomen are encouraged to study Krav Maga as well. It is sometimes difficult for women to find themselves served in co-ed classes. Hence, special women’s-only self defense classes are available through IKM San Diego. These classes introduce women to Krav Maga technique, while still emphasizing more general instruction in keeping the mind clear under stressful circumstances. Because attitude is of crucial importance in real-life violent encounters, these IKM San Diego classes emphasize pragmatic means for finding safety, disarming the opponent, and refusing to give up during an encounter. Taught by Benjamin Halcewicz, the women’s only self defense classes at IKM San Diego are designed to provide women with a sense of security, self-esteem, and peace of mind by giving them the ability to defend themselves and to assess dangerous situations. IKM San Diego also offers private lessons for women. For more information on Krav Maga private lessons or class schedule contact IKM San Diego at (858) 349-8795.