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A Tweet on Memorial Day 2015

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A Tweet on Memorial Day 2015

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Frank Glick woke up early one morning in 2011, in hopes that he would capture the morning dew while on his way to work. He was driving into the Fort Snelling National Cemetery when he spotted a large crow flying erratically. He decided to get his camera ready and followed. The bird finally perched up on a gravestone and Frank began to snap a few pictures.

As soon as he took the pictures, he knew it would be special day for someone some day! The Department of Veteran’s Affairs tweeted the picture today (Memorial Day 2015) and indeed it reminds of what this country is all about. Though back in 2011, Frank did not think much of it, he showed it to his brother Paul, who then decided to find the family of the fallen soldier.

The bald eagle is resting on fallen soldier, Sgt. Maurice Ruch’s gravestone. Frank told Fox News that his widow was extremely moved by the photograph, particularly because she and her husband enjoyed taking pictures of bald eagles themselves.

It is quite the image! Thanks Frank. It took us 3 years to acknowledge you good work!

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