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Self Defense Carlsbad. Widely known as the most effective fighting and fitness program in the world, Krav Maga will empower you to “walk in peace!“. Join us!


IKM San Diego is associated with International Krav Maga (IKM), founded by Gabi Noah in 2009. Growing rapidly and gaining popularity in its global presence, IKM is active in more than 20 countries.

Carlsbad Martial Arts

Whether you are a beginner just wanting to learn the basics of self-defense or martial arts, or you are wanting to refine and perfect your techniques, IKM offers programs and instruction custom fit for your needs. Specialized courses for Women’s self-defense techniques are also offered so that female students can gain the skills and knowledge they desire and need in a safe and inviting environment. The education provided in any type of class at IKM can instill techniques which can be potentially lifesaving.

At IKM, we pride ourselves in focusing on ingraining the core skills and fundamentals of Krav Maga equipping each student to be both mentally and physically strong and be able to “walk in peace” – Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga


There are NO costs related to uniforms, tournament fees, etc. Our self-defense courses focus on ingraining the core fundamentals of Krav Maga in each student. Become mentally and physically stronger and “walk in peace”. Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga, sums it up best!


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