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Krav Maga Point Loma with IKM San Diego

krav-maga-point-loma-caTaking your first Krav Maga Point Loma class with Benjamin Halcewicz at IKM San Diego is the best thing you can do for your fitness and safety. Krav Maga classes are a good way for you to learn this cherished martial art while also getting into shape. There are many people who take these classes rather than training in a more traditional manner. Also, this martial art is much easier for many people to learn. If you do not want to go through the belt system that is used in most martial arts, you should consider what Krav Maga can do for you. Contact Benjamin Halcewicz for more on Krav Maga Point Loma at (858) 349-8795, classes starting now, sign up online for special pricing!

Krav Maga San Diego Class Location: 3545 midway dr. San Diego, Ca 92110

Safety Comes First

The Krav Maga Point Loma classes that you take are designed to teach you specific moves that will help you as soon as you leave the class. The first part of the lass is safety. Whether you are a man or a woman, you need to be able to defend yourself against an attacker. These classes teach you moves that are going to work most of the time on someone who is being aggressive with you.

Burning Calories

Krav Maga classes are very intense workouts in their own right. Even if you are not taking Krav Maga as seriously as other people in your class, you will sweat and burn calories. These classes can be some of the most intense that you take when you are trying to get into shape. Also, you get ask the instructor to push you when you want a more intense workout than other people in the class. The individualized instruction you receive can really change the workout you get.


You can take Krav Maga as a serious art form, and that will allow you to compete as a fighter. The Krav Maga is just the first step in your competitive career, but it is a step that could lead to greater things in the future. Always having a teacher you can go back to for the art helps you to improve no matter how long you have been practicing.

krav-maga-point-loma-gymKrav Maga is a beautiful art form that will help you protect yourself when you are out in the world, but it is also a way for you to get fit without taking traditional gym classes. The choices that you make regarding your training will determine how effective your workouts are, how safe you are and how far you can advance in the art. Contact Benjamin Halcewicz for more on Krav Maga Point Loma at (858) 349-8795, classes starting now!

Point Loma Krav Maga with IKM San Diego

IKA (International Krav Maga) has become increasingly well known and sought after as a technique and style of self defense training. There is a reason for that! Krav Naga is an internationally recognized self defense training system with roots in Israeli defense training. Take a look at what Point Loma Krav Maga can do for you!

Point Loma Krav Maga teaches you anything from basic to advanced self defense techniques. Your program is geared toward you and your specific training goals. Training focusing on women’s and children’s self defense is also available. Whatever your goal or need with regard to self defense, Krav Maga emphasizes getting away safely and stopping threats quickly. Krav Maga also teaches how to defend against weapons, another important part of the curriculum. Krav Maga is not a sports style type of defense training. Krav Maga specifically focuses on hand to hand combat situations and how to escape dangerous and threatening encounters.

krav-maga-in-point-lomaCall Benjamin Halcewicz at IKM San Diego (858) 349-8795 to set up your first appointment at Point Loma Krav Maga. Benjamin is an expert in the Krav Maga system and has been a part of San Diego living since the age of 22. Benjamin has a degree in Sports Education. Benjamin worked under Gabi Noah, a direct student of the founder of Krav Maga. He was born in France and first became involved in martial arts training at the age 10. Eventually he went on to study Judo, boxing, and Thai boxing. He has studied Krav Maga for 10 years. He also enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Surfing. Benjamin will help put together a training package that suits you and responds to your training needs.

The Krav Maga system looks to the real word in training this style of defense technique. Many times outside locales are used in the training. Point Loma Krav Maga strives to seek a real world perspective as to how to successfully self defend. That can not be as well achieved if the training is contained to a classroom type setting at all times.

Point Loma Krav Maga offers classes at a variety of times and days. Take a look at all the options Point Loma Krav Maga offers for a variety of classes. There are many classes to choose from as well as the option for private sessions. Take on Krav Maga’s stance of never giving up! Get training stated today and feel more secure for the best tomorrow. For more information on Point Loma Krav Maga contact IKM San Diego at (858) 349-8795.