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Krav Maga La Jolla with Instructor Benjamin Halcewicz

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Krav Maga La Jolla with Instructor Benjamin Halcewicz

IKM San Diego is Your Source for Krav Maga La Jolla

The world can be a scary place, and it forces people to make a choice. Continue to be scared of it, or take control and learn how to ensure the safety of both oneself and loved ones. Of course once the choice to take control has been made, there’s still a question of how to go about it. The best option for anyone in the area is IKM San Diego, where they’ll be instructed in Krav Maga. If you live in the La Jolla area and you are looking for an exciting workout as well as learning a fun martial art that teaches important life skills, then contact IKM San Diego for Krav Maga La Jolla classes at (858) 349-8795.

krav-maga-la-jollaFor those unfamiliar with Krav Maga, it’s a hybrid system of self defense. It was initially created by Imi Lichtenfeld to fight against fascist attacks in the 1930s. One of the strongest points of the martial art is that it’s of recent design, and actually focused on practicality within combat situations. Many martial arts have become a lot more about looking intimidating than actually being useful if someone attacks. Krav Maga, on the other hand, is a synthesis of several different means of self defense. The entire point of it is to quickly and effectively disable an opponent. 

Imi Lichtenfeld developed it to use against highly trained and very dangerous people. As such, it’s a system designed to let anyone else do the same. And one of the biggest advantages brought by IKM San Diego is that one can learn from Benjamin Halcewicz. He’s learned through a direct succession from Imi Lichtenfeld. In a practical sense, this means an undiluted transmission of Krav Maga. A way of learning that can be assured to stay tightly devoted to the initial purpose of being the strongest method of self defense. This is the big difference brought by La Jolla Krav Maga. 

krav-maga-la-jollaAnd nobody should feel intimidated about the idea of joining into that tradition. Krav Maga is about using one’s own strength against the enemy. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Krav Maga can help improve on weak points, and allow one to fully harness their advantages. Whether male or female, anyone will learn to quickly and efficiently disable an opponent. Lessons in La Jolla Krav Maga can take someone who feels unsafe in any situation and instill the techniques and training to ensure they’re fully safe anywhere. 

However, it isn’t all about training the body. Krav Maga is also about teaching a person to take control. The further into it people go, the further their sense of self will grow. It’s about teaching people to defend themselves. But it’s also about reclaiming the ability to feel like one’s entitled to his or her space. And that one can offer that same sense of security and safety to the people in his or her life. If you are interested in learning more about Krav Maga in La Jolla, contact IKM San Diego at (858) 349-8795.

This Article was written by IKM San Diego. For more information on Krav Maga in La Jolla Ca with IKM San Diego contact instructor Benjamin Halcewicz at (858) 349-8795.

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