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Point Loma Krav Maga Classe Review

This Tuesday night at Point Loma Krav Maga with IKM San Diego, the class started with a warm up. Next all students learn half ready stance. The instructor Benjamin Halcewicz taught all students the half ready stance and why it is important to perfect this stance. If you are interested in learning Krav Maga in Point Loma contact IKM San Diego at (858) 349-8795.

Point Loma Krav Maga Gym Location: 3545 midway dr. San Diego, Ca 92110

krav-maga-point-lomaInstructor Benjamin Halcewicz the explained why the half ready stance in so importance. Instructor explained that when a potential attacker is less than 10 feet away, its important to raise your hands, so you can be able to block, strike, grab or push if you have to. Raising your hands, is the visible part of half ready stance. Their is also fews more details that instructor Benjamin Halcewicz focused on:

Details to Focus On

  • the body weight have to shift forward. (from being flat on your feet to the ball of the feet)
  • keep your shin down
  • raised your shoulders lightly
  • have one feet few inches in front
  • raise your hand, with elbows close to the ribs, and finger eyes level
  • your hands have to be in front of your elbows (so you can intercept early any strike from your opponent)
  • the stance have to look defensive and peaceful, but your mind have to be extremely alert and ready

Next, from the half ready stance, students learn to block against an outside strike, focussing on using the same side of the attacker. If your opponent use his right hand, you will block with your left. Its important to block rest to rest, maintain a 90 degree angle on your elbow join, and shift your weight to the side of the block.

Next class, we will learn how to strike from the half ready stance. Great to see all the new and returning students each week, have a good weekend and see you next class. For more information on Krav Maga in Point Loma or Krav Maga in San Diego contact IKM San Diego at (858) 349-8795.

This Article was written by IKM San Diego. For more information on Point Loma Krav Maga with IKM San Diego contact instructor Benjamin Halcewicz at (858) 349-8795.

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