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Carlsbad Krav Maga Wednesday Class Review with IKM San Diego

At the Carlsbad Krav Maga class on Wednesday with IKM San Diego, instructor Benjamin Halcewicz started the class with a 10 min warm up. Then instructor Benjamin Halcewicz reviewed a on heel strike and 360 defense from a passive stance. This was shown to the beginner and advanced students and each student was able to practice the technique multiple times. For more information on Carlsbad Krav Maga contact IKM San Diego at (858) 349-8795.

IKM San Diego Carlsbad Gym Location: 6108 Avenida Encinas, Carlsbad, Ca 92011

carlsbad-krav-magaInstructor Benjamin Halcewicz then showed how to avoid a side headlock from a stand up position. This was also reviewed with all beginner and advanced students. The rest of the class instructor Benjamin Halcewicz focused on the defense against a side headlock. This was new for most students so Benjamin Halcewicz went over this technique in depth so that all students could have a chance practicing.

IKM San Diego Carlsbad Class Review

IKM San Diego instructor Benjamin Halcewicz Key Points are:

  • always try to react quick
  • deliver an early strike as soon as you are grabbed

The next IKM San Diego Carlsbad class with instructor Benjamin Halcewicz is on Saturday. Instructor Benjamin Halcewicz will be focusing on elbow strikes. Elbow strikes are shown to all beginner and advanced students and this technique is practiced multiple times with partners. Here are the elbow strikes Benjamin Halcewicz will show:

  • inward
  • sideways
  • backward

Carlsbad-Krav-MagaWe had a great showing at our Krav Maga Carlsbad class on Wednesday, thanks for coming everyone and look forward to seeing you all at our Krav Maga class on Saturday at 11am located at 6108 Avenida Encinas, Carlsbad, Ca 92011. For more inforation on Krav Maga Carlsbad with IKM San Diego contact instructor Benjamin Halcewicz at (858) 349-8795.

A Tip from Instructor Benjamin Halcewicz

Anyone serious about their own self-defense, and that of others, will be interested in learning about Krav Maga in Carlsbad, Ca. It’s a fairly new, very effective form of defense that’s been around since the 1930s. At that time, the founder, Imi Lichtenfeld, was forced to defend not only himself against fascists, he defended his community as well. His skill at sport, and street fighting, plus training he received from his father all combined in a very powerful package, the end result of which was the birth of Krav Maga. Led by instructor Benjamin Halcewicz, who is an accomplished professional in mixed martial arts, the skill of Krav Maga is a worthwhile addition to anyone’s self-defense resume. Contact Benjamin Halcewicz for more on Carlsbad Krav Maga at (858) 349-8795, classes starting now so sign up online for discounts and special pricing!

This Article was written by IKM San Diego. For more information on Krav Maga in Carlsbad with IKM San Diego contact instructor Benjamin Halcewicz at (858) 349-8795.

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