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Is there a difference in American Karate?


Karate is Karate!

There is no difference when comparing Karate Kids in America against Karate Kids in Japan.

We understand if you ask, “Is there a difference between how Karate Kids in America and Karate Kids in Japan learn the art?

Here is a blog post after someone asked “What is the difference between Okinawan Karate, Japanese Karate, and American Karate?“. Let me tell you that it is important to understand the history of Karate and how it came to America — and they tell you this and the basic development of Karate. With items such as:

* Karate was developed in Okinawa
* Karate arrived in Tokyo in 1922.
* Shotokan Karate was founded by Gichin Funakoshi
* Karate was brought to America when Masayoshi “James” Mitose taught Kenpo Karate in Hawaii starting in 1936

The blog post shows you how to compare. You have many choices in selecting Kids Karate teachers in Vista. We want you to find one of Karate in Vista, we want you to be informed.

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